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From "Angel Faus" <>
Subject RE: Some thoughts about XMLForms and symmetry on Cocoon
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2000 14:48:26 GMT
> I have earlier proposed that the SiteMap is generated from a pluggable
> Normally, it is a standard "FileProducer" that picks up a static file and
> parses it, and hand over the the SiteMap object for each request
processed. But
> here you could extend with your dynamic stuff, and also establish your
> into the XSP realm.
> That would probably mean that your new tag is not needed, which I believe
> not clean by design.

Ok. I agree with you that it would be better i we could get the same effect
without having to make any significant changes in the XSP stuff. What's
exactly your suggestion? I mean, how would you start a chain of Generator +
Filters within a XSP file, and then being able to use the output of that in
the next step of the xml processing?? The idea is having the ability to
start a chain whose output doesn't got the client browser, but to another
consumer (a XSP library): XML file, Mail, XML database, whatever....

Would your solution just work in the Java level (i mean would it be just for
current java XSP, or could it be accessed by Perl/Python/... XSP? And...
would it be architecture dependent, so whenever Cocoon changes its
architecture all the XSP made using this stuff becomes obsoleted, or would
it provide enough abstraction??

I think that a <xsp:cocoon-chain> tag cannot be reduced to just another XSP
library, because it something that affects strongly the xsp works... its not
just another library. (but maybe i am wrong; i would welcome improvments in
the design, in order to make it clean enough).

I am very interested in your suggestion.. but i would like to understand the
details better.

Thanks in advance.

    Angel Faus.

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