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From "Marcelo F. Ochoa" <>
Subject New Version of OWSKiller3.0.4i-Cocoon Production (An Oracle PLSQL Producer for Cocoon)
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2000 14:48:33 GMT
Hi everybody:
   A new version of OWSKiller 3.0.4i-Cocoon Production is ready for download.
   To download this go to:, please
be patient.
   There are four differents files:
        - (ZIP formats)
        - owskiller3.0.4-prod.exe (InstallShield self extracting Windows Version, in directory
        - (InstallShield self extracting Unix Version, in directory
        - setup.class (InstallShield self extracting Java Version, require jdk or jre 1.1.x,
in directory InstallShiled)
This version include:
3.0.4i-Cocoon Production
* Add InstallShield java distribution form.
* Add Readme-JavaWebServer.txt with step by step installation procedures under Sun JavaWebServer
* Add OWSKiller.UnauthorizedText to easy set up fancy unauthorized page. Sugested by "Daryl
Collins" <> 
* Add dad.dynamicLoginRealm param, string that the browser show to the users when ask  
for username and password. Sugested by "Daryl Collins" 
* Change dad.errorLevel behavior with value = 1 => return 404 error code - Not Found, may
be redirect  
by the Web Server to another page. Sugested by "Daryl Collins" 
* Tested under Sun JavaWebServer 2.0 (including cocoon 1.7 testing) 
* Detection of lossed or killed connection (bug reported by "Daryl Collins") 
* Formating owa_image.point data type when reporting errors  (sugested by "Rob Edgar" <>)

* Handling errors when call to OWSKiller without packages/procedures 
* Pass http referrer information in cgi_env arrays 
* replace2 function modified by adding '' in arguments values instead of ' simple char 
* Change result mime-type in ExcelFormater from application/msexcel to application/

* Change init method in PLSQLProducer according to changes in Cocoon framework. 
* Suppress warning of deprecated methods of SDK Api (encodeRedirectUrl method). 
* Use all_arguments views of DB Dicctionary instead of user_arguments to find PLSQL procedure

definition, to work with cross schema packages definition 
* Tested with Cocoon 1.7 

  Best Regards, Marcelo.

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