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From "Sean Champ" <>
Subject automating local CVS updates & package-building
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2000 03:37:14 GMT
as salaem 'alekum.

i'm new to this list, but glad to be here.  cocoon looks good.

I came across the following package, tonight. maybe it will be of a help to
new developers, or current folks:


gbuild is a script written to simplify package maintenance. It allows you to
automate code update from CVS, compilation of the package, building tar
files, rpms, and srpms of your  package. The script is written in the
/bin/sh (Bourne) shell language for large compatibility  with most system
setups. External scripts which certain functions of gbuild depend on are
written in perl. gbuild has been tested and used primarily with the Gnome
project, and provides powerful interaction with the autoconf/automake family
of tools. All options can be  supplied from the command line at run time, or
in a configuration file.

for download of the current build.
for CVS.

-- sean

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