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From "Paul Lamb" <>
Subject Utils.getBasename hack
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2000 04:02:21 GMT
This is getting way out my comfort zone, but in trying out this mornings
1.71-dev with a couple of different servlet engines I came across a problem
with the servlet 2.2 specific code in
org.apache.cocoon.Utils.getBasename(..) The code wants to get a filename
string that it can do a File(filename) on.

The problem is with:

            // detect if the engine supports at least Servlet API 2.2
            URL resource = ((ServletContext)
            if (resource.getProtocol().equals("file")) {
                return resource.getFile();
            } else {
                throw new RuntimeException("Cannot handle remote

The problem is that the spec doesn't guarantee that a protocol of "file"
should be returned, even if it is a file resource. Second, if the request
originates from a forward, then getServletPath returns that path of the
caller. Third, if the resource is inside a war file, it will fail.

While it seems that we should be doing a getContent and using the
InputStream, this would require changes in many places. The best I've come
up with is something like:

   // we need to check this in case we've been included in a servlet or jsp
   String path = request.getAttribute("javax.servlet.include.servlet_path");
   if( path == null ) {
    path = request.getServletPath();
   String resource = ((ServletContext) context).getRealPath(path);
   if( resource == null ) {
    throw new RuntimeException("Cannot access non-file resources/war
   } else {
    return resource;

This doesn't solve the problem of the file being inside a war file, but it
does overcome the other problems. Maybe some of the jakarta folks on the
list can shed some light on this.

Paul Lamb

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