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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: Bug reports...
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 09:35:25 GMT
> I have also attached a more advanced script that will make an attemp to
find a
> JDK if JAVA_HOME is not set. The directories to look in should perhaps be
> evaluated by a query among Linux users of where they place the JDK. I have
> made some qualified guesses.

A I strange in having the following structure?

/opt/JDK-1.2  -> JDK-1.2.2.-final
/opt/JDK  -> JDK-1.2

(excuse: it's easy to install a new JVM and realise its broken and go back,
or if it works remove the old one, or run two at different times)

I think you should add uppercase JDK paths to the search list.

> Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge of how to do this on a Windows
> (if it is at all possible), sorry...

I have a feeling a script which actually does something usefull is not
possible under Windows.

Ross Burton

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