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From Ricardo Rocha <>
Subject XSP and Cocoon2 Generators
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 09:29:02 GMT
Stefano has repeatedly complained about my emails being
too long and "dense like neutron starts". This time I've
decided to place my humble posting on a web page.
Please check it at:

This page presents a number of interfaces and classes for
which some source code is shown. This source code is sketchy
and by no means complete: it's there just to illustrate the

Briefly stated:

A _dynamic generator_ can be loosely defined as an extension to
"ComposerGenerator" that is dynamically created, compiled and
instantiated at request time, based on the contents of a source
XML document. 

Generators are loaded and instantiated by _generator loaders_. Class
"GeneratorLoader" is an extension to "ComposerGenerator" that loads
other generators in order to delegate actual XML data generation.
Note that a generator loader may load any class implementing "Generator",
not only dynamic generators. 

"DynamicGeneratorLoader" extends "GeneratorLoader" to specialize in
building and instantiating dynamic generators in a language-independent

XSPGeneratorLoader is a concrete implementation of "DynamicGeneratorLoader"
that supports the XSP language. 

For code generation, XSP should use IBM's Bean Scripting Framework (BSF).



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