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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject ImageSerializer
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2000 20:47:24 GMT

ImageWriter, sorry - Serializer is a fabulous class - it lets me have
graphical titles which are dynamically generated. However, it is a bit

* It will only write a JPEG
* It will only write a _super high quality_ JPEG, which IIRC from my
algorithms course is not loosy and pretty bad.

I'd like it to be able to write a GIF, but that's not going to happen (damn
Unisys).  So, how about PNGs?  I know of a package, cunningly titled
"PngEncoder" ( which looks like it
could be a plug-in replacement for the JPEG coder (I'll probably create an
interface for a general image writer and create bridge classes for Sun's
JPEG encoder and the PNG Encoder).

Once I've got my head around Cocoon 2 I'll add a "type" attribute to the
<image> tag: image="jpeg" and image="png" seem sensible to start with.  Then
we can choose the output format depending on what is being generated  -
modern clients can use PNGs and they may be smaller in some circumstances.

Next, how about a quality="x" attribute for the JPEG encoder for much
smaller files.

I feel like I'm on a roll here, I'll add also <line> and <rectangle> nodes,
along with <text>.  All easy, but usefull.

By the way, I'm not making any promises about delivery dates here - this is
just an email to put ideas onto paper (well, electrons) and to get some

Ross Burton

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