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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: Installing Cocoon [was Re: Documentation update]
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 22:59:16 GMT
On Mon, 7 Feb 2000, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> This means:
> 1) DCP will be removed from main distribution in Cocoon 1.7: for those
> who still need DCP, we'll provide an external package. (so FESI
> requirement is gone)
> 2) MapProducer will be removed too as above (so gnuregex is gone)
> (anyway, is anybody using it?)

No; I'd just put it in CVS for you to take a look at and play around with
sitemap ideas. Kill it dead.

- donald

> 3) there will be a new distribution that will include
>  - Cocoon
>  - Xerces
>  - Xalan
>  - FOP
>  - Ant
>  - Servlet API 2.2
> (the other optional packages are left to download if wanted)
> Now, how do we do this in order to simplify both installation and futher
> evolution? Alternatives are:
> 1) cocoon-<version>.jar includes both docs/samples and class files in
> the right place so it can be installed by simply dropping it in your
> classpath up front. Cocoon could also work out with the samples directly
> from the classpath and also serve documentations.
> 2) cocoon-<version>.zip and cocoon-<version>.tar.gz (I'd need a
> volunteer for the tar.gz distro, Donald?). Flavors could be:
>  a) one big jar file with everything inside
>  b) a dir with all the jar packages and their version (might simplify
> evolution in case one wants to upgrade the module without upgrading
> cocoon, allows better parallelization of development)
>  c) ???

I'd like to see two packages: - contains Cocoon.jar, source, samples, docs, etc. - contains jars for xerces, xalan, etc.
that are known to work with the matching version of cocoon

and eventually - generally useful processors and taglibs that
aren't really part of the cocoon framework but are so useful that they get
the cocoon stamp of approval (ldap, mail, sql, etc.)

This should also make life easy for people who do apache via rpm.

- donald

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