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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: RunTimeException in XSPProcessor
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2000 03:12:48 GMT
On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Jeff Martin wrote:

> I'm getting a RunTimeException everytime I try to access an XML page
> under Linux but not NT. Can anyone shed and light on this.
> I've been developing some pages using Cocoon 1.6.1 under NT JDK1.2.2.
> I've just started to create a new enviroment on Linux using Blackdown
> JDK1.2.2 (I've tried the sun release to) when I try and use any of the
> example xml pages I get and RunTimeException Error loading logicsheet:
> resource://org/apache/cocoon/processor/xsp/library/java/cookie.xsl
> from org.apache.cocoon.processor.xsp.XSPProcessor.
> I've had a poke around the code and this is the bit that causing me
> problems. When the url is created using
> resource://org/apache/cocoon/processor/xsp/library/java/cookie.xsl
> this is throwing an exception because it doesn't know how to handle
> the url. I wasn't aware the there was a resource protocol handler but
> as this code works fine on NT there must be. I have managed to put a
> hack in which uses this.getClass().getResourceAsStream(location) after
> choping the resource: of the front of location.
> Anyone got any comments.

This may have to do with a serious flaw in the way the JVM works with
URLFactories. I don't understand all of the details, but the gist is that
only one URLFactory may exist in a JVM, whih essentially means that only
one application may add support for additional URLs to the JVM. Is it
possible that, on your linux server, another servlet has already created a

As I understand it, Stefano, et. al. are _actively_ looking for an
alternate solution. Do you have any suggestions?

- donald

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