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From "Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus" <>
Subject Re: SAT API Proposal (Draft 3) (was XSLT API)
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2000 23:32:25 GMT

Wong Kok Wai <> wrote:
> Just a wonder:
> Will Stylesheet be confused with StyleSheet from DOM2?

Yes, I don't think we can use "Stylesheet".  From DOM2:

 *  The <code>StyleSheet</code> interface is the abstract base interface
 * any type of style sheet. It represents a single style sheet associated
 * with a structured document. In HTML, the StyleSheet interface represents
 * either an external style sheet, included via the HTML  LINK element, or
 * inline  STYLE element. In XML, this interface represents an external
 * sheet, included via a style sheet processing instruction.
 * @since DOM Level 2
public interface StyleSheet {
    public String       getType();
    public boolean      getDisabled();
    public void         setDisabled(boolean disabled);
    public Node         getOwnerNode();
    public StyleSheet   getParentStyleSheet();
    public String       getHref();
    public String       getTitle();
    public MediaList    getMedia();

I propose "RuleSet" as an alternate name.

There is also the question of the other DOM2 stylesheet interfaces:

Do people think that jumping on the DOM2 bandwagon might be a good thing?
There is also the question of the CSSStyleSheet object.  If we supported
the DOM2 Stylesheet interface, TRaX could be used with DOM2 CSS
stylesheets... probably pretty cool.  Now that I'm taking a look at the
DOM2 stylesheet support, I'm thinking that if we don't support this, we're
going to be reinventing some stuff, and maybe we should just jump on the
wagon.  So, I guess right now, I'm thinking +1 to supporting DOM2.

(The processor factory interface should be made to take a media type,
regardless of what we do with DOM2).


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