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From "Gerard van Enk" <>
Subject Problem generating docs (again)
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2000 22:38:28 GMT

I'm using the lates cvs version of cocoon, xalan, xerces, ant, stylebook.
When I try to generate the Cocoon-docs I get the following message:

[exec] [XalanProcessor] Applying XSL sheet
[exec] [XercesParser] File "file:/home/gerard/apache/xml/copyover.xsl" not

The file "copyover.xsl" can be found in
"/home/gerard/apache/xml/xml-cocoon/skins/". If i
change the line '<xsl:import href="copyover.xsl">' into '<xsl:import
href="sbk:/style/stylesheets/copyover.xsl">' it works......but I get the
same error with the next stylesheet 'changes2document.xsl'.

When I change every import in the stylesheets to a sbk-url everything workes
until the processing of WD-xsp.xml:

[exec] [CachingParser] Server cached document "sbk:/sources/WD-xsp.xml" (1)
[exec] [XalanProcessor] Applying XSL sheet
[exec] Can't have more than one root on a DOM!

Any help is welcome.......


PS. I'm using Linux (RedHat 6.1) with Blackdown jdk1.2.2 RC4

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