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From "Gerard van Enk" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon2 & Avalon
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2000 15:41:28 GMT
> Gerard van Enk wrote:
> >
> > > > I've got a question about the relationship between Cocoon2 and
> > > Avalon. Is
> > > > Cocoon2 going to use all the Avalon-interfaces?
> > >
> > > No.
> >
> > But Cocoon is going to be a Block so that it can be used inside an
> > Avalon-configuration?
> Not yet :)
> Ok, you asked for it... here is my vision of the future... mind you, not
> so close future, but you can bet we're going to get there sooner of
> later!
> I picture JAMES + Tomcat + Cocoon + JAM all residing inside an Avalon
> framework.
> If you don't know what JAM is, wait a sec... we'll get there :)
> The Cocoon engine will be a block, but Tomcat and James will connet to
> it thru "adapting" classes that wrap the block and make it
> "avalon-neutral" to be executable in other environments.
> Thes adaptors will be an HTTPServlet and MailServlet. Cocoon on the
> other hand, might be used as a service from other blocks without
> adapting classes.
> (warning: if you don't know avalon terminology, go and find out at
> or ignore this message)

Are these adapting classes already defined by Avalon? I can't remember
reading about these classes in the Avalon stuff.....

> JAM is Pier's "Java Answering Machine"... you find pieces of it in the
> whiteboard CVS module inside CVS.

Aha....interesting. I'll check out the whiteboard module!

> JAM will be an Avalon block that connects to your modem/fax thru Java
> Serial Interface and drives your fax and answering machine.
> ---------------
> Now, let's see a couple of things you'll be able to do with this "Apache
> Java BackOffice"
> 1) mail-fax-web integration, all based on XML!
> 2) servlets will allow you to customize your system without knowing
> nasty programming languages or complex solutions. HttpServlets will do
> web, MailServlets will do mail, FaxServlets will do fax and if possible,
> VoiceServlets will handle DTMF tones or simple voice recognition.
> If you think about it once you have something like this and a solid
> database on the back, you're done... more, with support for CORBA
> integration from Java, you can connect with stuff like credit-card
> managers or other complex systems with no particular problems.
> We plan to make a complet platform for developing the server-side
> applications that you need, for both your public web site or your
> intranet. All based on Java technology and standard APIs, all
> modularized and easily enhanced, all based on the XML publishing model.
> It's not a matter of "if", but just a matter of "when" :)

And with more people working on this, the "when" will be getting sooner and
sooner ;-)


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