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From Andy Lewis <>
Subject RE: Variations on a theme by Cocoon
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2000 14:39:57 GMT
Actually, no I haven't tried that. There are certainly lots of things it
could be - from the version of Cocoon/parser/processor, to JRUN, to just the
fact that I'm running it on a bloatware OS - not sure. I am currently
undergoing a change in my work responsibilities however, so although I am a
HUGE Cocoon fan and intend to put it to the test at every possible
opportunity - that site is now somebody else's problem :-)  even with the
problems it still rocks.

The site I'm referring to is actually the development environment for the site. I don't know what other large corporations it has
crept into, but it is a key compoenent here right now.

I might try it under a real os (read "not NT") just to see though...

Andy Lewis
VERITAS Software, Heathrow, Florida
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" Some days, it is best to keep reality at arms length..."

		-----Original Message-----
		From:	Mike Engelhart []
		Sent:	Tuesday, February 15, 2000 9:32 AM
		Subject:	Re: Variations on a theme by Cocoon

		Andy Lewis wrote:

		> I have Cocoon 1.5 running on an internal server - NT 4,
Netscape 3.63, JRun
		> 2.3.3, Sun JDK 1.2.2, COMPAQ Proliant 1600  Dual Pentium
II 300, 512M RAM,
		> and about 37G of RAID 5 disk on a caching SMART Array
controller. The web
		> site is about 2000 pages. With only a dozen people
browsing it regularly, we
		> get out of memory errors, and dismal performance. We also
have a somewhat
		> complex XSLT transformation going on - about 500 lines of
templates totaling
		> about 30k with lots of conditionals....
		> That's as close to a large production site as I get with
it. We actually
		> produce static HTML files to dump onto the production web
		> I have another smaller site on a Celeron 333 running
Linux, IBM JDK 1.1.8,
		> with a Sybase backend however. It is a much smaller site,
with a much
		> simpler stylesheet, but far more dynamic, and it runs

		Are you sure it's not one of the pieces of the puzzle like
JRun (or NT for
		that matter)?  I know JRun has gotten a bad rap on the JSP
mailing list.

		Have you tried copying your big site to the Linux box and
seeing if the same
		problems are there? (not sure if that's feasible).  It could
be something
		other than cocoon?

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