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From Andy Lewis <>
Subject RE: Bypassing Cocoon formatting for certain browsers
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 19:58:57 GMT
Incorrect MIME type would be my guess....

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		From:	Corda, Ugo []
		Sent:	Monday, February 07, 2000 2:48 PM
		To:	'';
		Subject:	RE: Bypassing Cocoon formatting for certain

		I tried the hack, but it doesn't seem to work. IE 5 displays
only the text
		contents of the copied xml file returned by Cocoon and does
not apply the
		xsl formatting specified.

		On the other hand, if I manually submit basically the same
xml file to IE 5
		it displays correctly. When I compare the xml file that
works with the one
		returned by Cocoon to IE 5 (by using the "view source"
command of IE 5),
		they are basically identical except for a <!DOCTYPE html ...
> prepended in
		the copy returned by Cocoon (but I am not sure Cocoon is the
one that
		generates the DOCTYPE line, it might be IE 5). 

		My interpretation of all this is that when the xml file is
		processed by IE 5 it works, but, when basically the same xml
file is
		returned by Cocoon, IE 5 tries to process it as if it was an
HTML file (and,
		of course, it does not work). I am not sure what triggers
this different
		behavior of IE 5. Does Cocoon return some kind of clue that
identifies the
		returned object as an HTML file, even when it is supposed to
be an xml file
		(I used <xsl:output method="xml"/> in the copy transform)?

		Thank you,

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				From:	Stefano Mazzocchi
				Sent:	February 05, 2000 3:38 PM
				Subject:	Re: Bypassing Cocoon
formatting for certain

				"Corda, Ugo" wrote:
				> I would like to prevent Cocoon from
processing and
		formatting an xml file
				> and associated xsl stylesheet in cases
where the client
		browser has already
				> the capability of doing that locally (e.g.
IE 5.0, when
		the stylesheet
				> generates HTML).  Is there a way to tell
Cocoon not to do
		anything in the
				> case the requesting browser is of a
particular type?

				Hmmm, like many other things that Cocoon is
		missing, the
				sitemap proposal should handle them
property. This is one of

				As a pretty dirty hack (to get it working
now), you can
		create a dummy
				stylesheet that copies over everything
without touching and
		apply it
				based on the media type of your particular
web browser.

				Hope this helps.


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