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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [RT] "To Cocoon2 and beyond" :)
Date Sat, 26 Feb 2000 14:33:58 GMT
On 25/2/00 at 6:37 pm, (Stefano Mazzocchi) wrote:

>1) DirectoryProducer


>2) Enterprise taglibs for XSP

>You should have noted, by now, that Cocoon is highly polarized in a
>server -> client direction. While there are a bunch of tools to get data
>out of someplace and presented to you in the fanciest looks, it lacks
>serious attempts to go the other direction.
>Let's move on.

It would still be very useful to have a way of transforming Form data into XML
Files or Nodes; maybe keep the glue in XML rather than the Form?

>3) SOAP support.

This would be great for allowing servers to share info, and would allow for
things like remote admin/editing via Applet or Java App GUIs, but would not be
available to editing interfaces developed only in HTML, right?

But hey! Imagine remotely editing vector graphics via an Applet, Ha!

>5) RDF+RSS/CDF support.

I'm glad you have picked up on UserLand's work ...

>5) Template Driven Publishing
>Which leads us to the my main concern: real life publishing.
>Layout driven
>yes, because everything should be formatted by FOP!

This is WILD!

... hey, looks like SMIL ;)

Sorry if I now have rather mundane questions ...

So this Layout would create and populate either HTML Tables/Framesets; a single
PDF Page; a set of WAP Panels; an arrangement of Objects in 3D space .....
depending on the Browser?

What is a .nrg file?

regards Jeremy


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