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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject Re: cache thoughts
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2000 19:12:52 GMT
Timm, Sean wrote:

> The following was from my patch submittal:
> -------
> I figured out the problem I was seeing with XSLT stylesheets being cached
> off even though they had changed.  We are dynamically determining the
> stylesheet to display for a specific URL based on various factors, but the
> XSLT processor was only looking at the request object to determine if the
> resource had changed.  In our case, the requested resource was the same, but
> the XSL filename was different.  I modified the processor to tack on the
> name of the XSL processor to the lookup key.
> -------
> Unfortunately, there were other factors involved, so the fix had to be
> pulled,
> and this has yet to be addressed.

So you mean if I have two different stylesheets each of which include a file
named "globalsheet.xsl", that the "globalsheet.xsl" is cached twice because
the URL is different?  I'm not following I guess...



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