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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject Re: Documentation update
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 16:25:13 GMT
Brett McLaughlin wrote:

> Guys-
> > 
> * Moved instructions to put tools.jar in your classpath _above_ running
> bootstrap for Ant, since Ant requires it as well.
> * Removed listing to get Sun Project X, since it is in classpath as part
> of Ant instructions
> * Updated location of Servlet API 2.2, since you have to get it with
> jakarta-tomcat now.
> * Added complete list of actual jar files that should be in the
> classpath.  This helps the novice not do things like put (which
> contains xt.jar) in their classpath and get frustrated when things don't
> work.
> Could someone please commit this thing?  It works as of today, Cocoon
> 1.6.2, latest and greatest src builds with these instructions.  Thanks.
> -Brett
> Index: build.xml
I was just thinking about the ease of building/installing cocoon and
wondering that maybe we could have available for download a mega-jar of all
needed classes (assuming license restrictions don't get in the way).  I
mean, there's xalan, xerces, ant, FOP, fesi, gnuregex, JSDK and of course
Cocoon all open source licensed which comprises the standard required
downloads. I think this would take a lot of confusion out of the install for
beginners and make it a hell of lot easier to upgrade to a new version when
one is released?  I guess we'd have to test the combination but even if it's
just the standard latest releases, that would probably take care of the
majority of folks.


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