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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject Re: XSL/xalan and Localization
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2000 21:55:05 GMT
brian moseley wrote:

> On Sat, 5 Feb 2000, Mike Engelhart wrote:
>> The language "strings" being used are in my mind really
>> part of the style of the page.  I'm sure there are
> in my organization, style (fonts, colors, etc) and content
> (localized strings) are owned by 2 separate groups - the
> branding dept and the localization dept. almost all the way
> to response building time, we have an explicit separation
> between the two. to me, the four dimensions of a response
> are structure, style, content, and data.

Hmm. Unfortunately in my organization, I am the organization so many times I
have trouble drawing separation lines :-)

> other methods of combining stylesheets? my idea is to
> specify localized strings inside message catalogs which are
> stylesheets full of <xsl:variable>, and combine those with
> the 'templates' which are stylesheets full of
> <xsl:template>.

My whole concern about all these ideas is that I didn't think Cocoon cached
XSL style sheets thus the overhead of <xsl:import> and <xsl:include> on even
a modestly busy site would be significant.  I may be wrong though as I
haven't looked at Cocoons cache mechanism to see what's going on or the
Xalan source code for that matter. if for example an <xsl:include> was
cached and every reference to it just grabbed it out of memory than this
wouldn't be a big deal but I don't think that's the way it works right now.
Hopefully I'm wrong but I remember Scott mentioning cached style sheet
objects a few weeks ago as something that Cocoon should take advantage of.

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