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From Kay Michael <>
Subject RE: SAT API Proposal (Draft 3) (was XSLT API)
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2000 16:45:19 GMT
> > OutputProperties: if getMethod() returns anything other 
> than xml, text, or html, then the value must have a namespace prefix and
> is a need to turn this into a namespace URI. (We could define that the 
> returned string is in a form such as uri^local-name.)
> Is there a benefit to that? How many methods do you expect to have?

Very few, but the spec says
method ::= "xml" | "html" | "text" | qname-but-not-ncname

I currently allow "fop", but that's non-compliant, so I'm changing it to
have a namespace prefix.

> > OutputProperties: on the methods for handling the list of 
> CDATA elements, I
> > can't see how namespace prefixes are supposed to be 
> handled. Again we could
> > say that the names are expressed as uri^local-name.
> How would you specify that in xsl:output?

cdata-section-elements is defined as a whitespace-separated list of qnames.
The prefix in the qname must be interpreted in the context of the specific
xsl:output statement, therefore a prefix must be resolved into a URI before
the lists from different xsl:output statements are merged.

Mike Kay

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