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From Kay Michael <>
Subject RE: XSLT API Proposal (Draft 2)
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2000 16:07:02 GMT
> Frankly I like TransformContext a bit better than 
> Transformation.  It gets the idea across that this is a one-per-thread

The word "context" has a specific meaning in XPath, and I think it would be
very confusing to use it in the API with a different meaning, even if that
usage has a precedent in another technology area. (Well, it confused me for
a day or two, anyway). After all, this API may extend into an area where the
XPath context is something we need to talk about, e.g. if we decide to allow
the value of a parameter to be supplied as an XPath expression.

Before suggesting Transformation I thought of TransformActivation, but that
seemed rather otiose so I shortened it. Surely the object we want here does
represent an activation event, specifically "the act of transforming one
source document using one stylesheet", and any relationship to threads is
essentially just a constraint on how it can be used?

Mike Kay

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