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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [RT] Layout-driven vs. content-driven
Date Tue, 29 Feb 2000 03:55:52 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Hi guys,
> here is another episode of the "Stefano's random thoughts" series. The
> title says it all.

I like it... I think I should start archieving them...

> I've been addressed by some that think that Cocoon is heavily
> content-biased. This implies that Cocoon doesn't work well where the
> structure of the page is the key and the content is just that,
> content... what rules is the container.

I was thinking RIGHT at the same thing... Yesterday at XTECH a guy asked
me about Cocoon 2.0 and frames, and one of those idle tasks started in
background in my brain...

> Such a language does not exist, but there is an equivalent in the HTML
> world: framesets. When you define frame-driven web sites, you write an
> entry html page that specify the layout of the page, frame-wise. Then,
> the browser will connect to the required frames and place the responsed
> content in the visual containers.

The HTML spec addresses one specific thing: How to display multiple
sources into one single "view"...

> XInclude is a W3C note, it's not even a working draft, but it's a very
> high quality note and cames from the work of the XLink WG. Please, take
> a look at:

While XINCLUDE addresses another problem, how to merge different source
documents into one.

The two functionalities are "different" imo. In the first case (frames)
you deal with multiple URIs represented into the same "view", while in
the second one, you have one unique URI...

It's kinda hard to put it down in words, the thought is yet a little bit
cloudy, and deals mostly with something I'm thinking about on the
sitemap and link translations...

> Not all the issues have been resolved with this approach and performance
> tuning and caching and pre-compilation should be addressed later on, but
> consider this food for thought.

It would be nice to have a xinclude processor... and actually it's kinda
trivial to do it in cocoon 2.0, when you get the right element, you just
"nest" another parsing operation...

> Enjoy, and stay tuned for another epidode of the series "RT: live from
> Stefano's damaged brain cells" :)

Waiting for the next one (move it, I don't want to get old waiting)


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