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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject I am an idiot?
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2000 10:08:04 GMT

Until now, I have not used XML for document writing, but thought it was
about time.

I thought that the DTD document-v10.dtd would be a good start.


My content document will be full of styling information, links, and so
forth. As the content writer, I have not the faintest idea when to
emphasize, to be strong or when links are appropriate. I am just writing
a lot information. I CAN handle paragraphs, chapters and so forth, since
it is about content organisation, not necessarily style.

I presume it is unavoidable with the current tools and technologies, but
should it actually be this way??

Am I too content driven too reject the notion of style markers, or
whatever <em> <strong> and the others should be called.

Content + Markers -> Marked Up Content + Style -> Styled Content.

Should the Markers be mixed in the content, or as I see it, the Markers
should be external from the content document.

But I might be an real idiot here, but for me it feels very wrong. It is
like a small half-step forward compared to HTML.


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