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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: XML Graphics
Date Sat, 26 Feb 2000 03:34:35 GMT
Jerm wrote:
> Hi All,
> "N01SE" was the first site I generated from XML and XSL:
>     <>

Kool... Is it SMIL? Can I show it at XTECH 2000? You know, if you show a
nice page is one thing, but if you show people some "lights and sound"
(or porn, but it wouldn't be nice in a conference :), you get the
attention of the audience :)...

> One of the aspects of the site are the threads that cross-link the various
> exhibits, people, texts etc. So far, the site only has a text interface to these
> threads (and one that is not insanely great enough yet :)
> I'd like to start developing interactive graphical views of the site, as maps;
> basically line drawings with hilighting, text popups, urls etc.
> I want to be able to generate these automatically from the same XML that the
> text version is made from.
> I don't think SMIL has the capability to do what I need and SVG IMHO is not
> ready for real sites yet.
> I could get part of the way with Bitmaps and Client-side Image Maps, though
> would prefer something a little more sophisticated. Can one render SVG to Gif?
> Flash would be good, though the (binary) file format is now in the public domain
> I don't think there is a Flash Formatter yet :) I don't think Flash can import
> XML either.
> Shockwave can with the XML Parser XTRA and Java Applets can with a lightweight
> Parser like Aelfred(?).

I'll check those out right away...

> I am looking into writing a little engine that can draw simple vector-based maps
> from XML files loaded on the fly, probably one file per view. I would not expect
> to have vector info in the XML but for the engine to work out for itself how to
> represent the structure.
> Can anyone suggest any other currently feasable alternatives?

Have you seen the images on the sitemap of XML.APACHE.ORG? those are
dynamically generated from the same sources of the XML documents
displayed (if you change the title in the source XML into a document,
also the sidebar and title images are changed...)...

I'm decoupling that from StyleBook, and adding some functionalities
(like very simple vector graphics), maybe that's what you want...


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