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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: extensions in public URIs [was: RE: Variations on a theme by Cocoon]
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2000 12:54:18 GMT
Gerard van Enk wrote:
> > Pierpaolo Fumagalli wrote:
> >
> > > Gerard van Enk wrote:
> > > >
> > > > Is this what we want???? See <>
> > >
> > > Nope...
> > >
> >
> > That was an absolute :o)
> >
> Sorry, It wasn't very clear what I was trying to say........
> > I am not sure what Gerard is hinting, or what Pier is so negative about.
> I was trying to say, we must take a look at this document and try to use it.
> That means Cocoon must try not to rely on extensions to function, but I
> don't know if this is possible.
> >
> > But my understanding from the articles, is URI persistence over time,
> > long time. There are a few alerters in the article, such as use of
> > extensions, topic mapping and exposure of technologies used.
> >
> > These are valid concerns in the Cocoon context.  And while we develop
> > Cocoon we must take into considerations that people will be able to use
> > Cocoon in a URI persistent manner. This is largely an educational issue,
> > more than a technical, except if Cocoon depends on extensions to
> > function. We need to clearify in Cocoon what would be PUBLIC URIs and
> > internal URIs. The former should be allowed to take the form described
> > in the document above and elsewhere, whereas the internal ones are
> > non-critical.
> One part of the sitemap is based on extensions.....see Piers examples.......
> Is it possible to avoid the use of extensions in public uris? Anybody?

Totally!!!! That's one of the biggest goals of the sitemap.

I would love to remove _all_ extentions from URI spaces, so you accesss

and you get the image.... depending on your user-agent capabilities or
your cookies or session properties, whatever, you end up with a small
gif, a big JPG, a quicktime-VR 3D view of the mountain... you name it.

The sitemap allows you to associate "any" URI with "anything" that is
possible in cocoon2...

Of course, in Cocoon2, we don't map it like for Cocoon1 making it react
on a file extentions, but rather on directories (all requests that go to
/~stefano/ pass them to Cocoon for handling).

Also, when Apache2.0 is out (the alpha is coming!!! uh, uh!), we plan to
make a mod_cocoon extention to mod_jserv or something like that that
would allow tighter integration with the web server... of course,
loosing servlet portability but that would be an additional feature.

Don't worry, I've read that article months ago, exactly before
submitting the sitemap proposal :)

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