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From Assaf Arkin <>
Subject Re: SAT API Proposal (Draft 3) (was XSLT API)
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2000 13:27:25 GMT
Kay Michael wrote:
> I feel OutputProperties should contain only those properties that directly
> reflect xsl:output, and that non-standardized properties used by Xalan or
> other serializers should be supported either via a SAX2-like getProperty()
> mechanism (useful for extensibility anyway) or by subclassing.

Some of the stuff in OutputProperties is implementation code and will be

> OutputProperties: if getMethod() returns anything other than xml, text, or
> html, then the value must have a namespace prefix and there is a need to
> turn this into a namespace URI. (We could define that the returned string is
> in a form such as uri^local-name.)

Is there a benefit to that? How many methods do you expect to have?

> OutputProperties: there shouldn't be any assumption that the thing being
> serialized is a DOM. The logic for examining the tree and choosing a default
> method is misplaced; even though it only implements what the spec says, it
> belongs in an implementation and not in a vendor-neutral API. Either
> OutputProperties should be data-only, or it should be an interface.

See above. Helper method that won't ba part of the API.

> OutputProperties: on the methods for handling the list of CDATA elements, I
> can't see how namespace prefixes are supposed to be handled. Again we could
> say that the names are expressed as uri^local-name.

How would you specify that in xsl:output?

> If you use setContentHandler() on Result, are the OutputProperties ignored,
> or can they be passed to the ContentHandler? I think it's important that a
> user-written output method should have access to the OutputProperties, just
> as the system-supplied methods do.

One of the points behind OutputProperties was to pass them between
stages of processing. For example, you can get them from a stylesheet
and pass them to whoever is your ContentHandler.


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