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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Cocoon 2.0?
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 15:50:04 GMT
Hi all...
	It has been a very long week-end, at least for me, but at the ends the
results were (IMVHO) quite good.

I spent the last three days working on the Cocoon 2.0 idea, and I came
up with a bunch of classes that can be defined "a first very rough
implementation" of Cocoon 2.0.

Now, blame me. The architecture sucks, the object names sucks,
everything sucks, but at least the sitemap is working (or at least it
seems to be working).

To avoid any collision, I created a new branch on the CVS called

Right now it works (barely!). It creates all factories necessary for
obtaining instances of Producers, Filters and Serializers. The Sitemap
is instantiated, and works. Requests through the servlet interface are
(more or less!) handled by the sitemap, and, for a three days work (but
almost 20 hours/day) is more than enough.

I'll be actively working on this new branch all next week, thanks to
Exoffice wich lets me do that also on office hours, until I don't reach
a "decent" version of the code.

Still need to be done, before the code can be placed in "open
development" (or shredded, depending on how you evaluate it!) are all
the link translation stuff, and Sitemap exception handling (for
redirections and so on).

Also, as soon as Xerces makes it available, I'm planning to integrate
full SAX2 in it, but I can't do it without some way of testing.

Flames are accepted both on the M/L or privately :)

Take care...


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