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From Brett McLaughlin <>
Subject Documentation update
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 15:40:59 GMT

	I'm attaching a diff on build.xml.  This updates those docs to be a lot
clearer (IMHO).  I am currently writing a chapter in my book (XML for
Java Developers, published by O'Reilly) on Web Publishing Frameworks,
and plan on centering Cocoon as the framework of choice (Stefano,
Donald, etc., that's why I have disappeared lately, I've been writing,
so sorry for my lack of contribution lately).  In any case, Cocoon *has*
to be easily buildable for this to be practical for me to recommend, as
I don't have the time or desire to author an installation manual for
Cocoon.  Besides, that belongs in Cocoon, not my book.
	So I updated the install instructions to make it clearer.  You can look
at the diff, but some changes of note:

* Moved instructions to put tools.jar in your classpath _above_ running
bootstrap for Ant, since Ant requires it as well.
* Removed listing to get Sun Project X, since it is in classpath as part
of Ant instructions
* Updated location of Servlet API 2.2, since you have to get it with
jakarta-tomcat now.
* Added complete list of actual jar files that should be in the
classpath.  This helps the novice not do things like put (which
contains xt.jar) in their classpath and get frustrated when things don't

Could someone please commit this thing?  It works as of today, Cocoon
1.6.2, latest and greatest src builds with these instructions.  Thanks.

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