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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: RFC: Cocoon, an XML Publishing Infrastructure (v0.1) [LONG]
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 13:29:03 GMT
Philippe Lavoie wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to document the difference between cocoon and a simple JSP + XML
> + XSL page. That difference is not clear on the website and I think it's one
> of the most often asked question. Well at least for me when I have to tell
> people why Cocoon is so great.

I love your idea, I think it's a cool thing to do.
> That document should be viewed more from a marketing perspective: how to
> sell Cocoon to organization. The target audience is a manager that
> understands what ASP (or JSP) is and who also understands what XML and XSL
> does.

Hmmm, I mostly don't like dealing with such things, but hey, I don't
mind at all.
> This is a Request For Comments (RFC) so don't hesitate to comment, critique,
> etc., i.e. do whatever you think is required to make this document more
> precise and more readable.
> I introduce two concepts in that document that I didn't see on the website:
> publishing infrastructure, cocoon replace COM, CORBA, etc. Those are points
> that you might want to argue a bit more :)

Cocoon doesn't replace CORBA. In fact, what I did in Germany last week
was porting Cocoon ideas into a CORBA based distributed information
system. And if you think Cocoon is ahead of time, look at this: they are
going to build an MPEG2 formatter! yes, guys, cocoon on your set-top

> Have fun and give me as much comments as you can.
> Phil
> PS Stephano I stole some of your paragraphs and modified them a bit, I hope
> you don't mind.

My name is Stefano, damn it!!!

> Also if you feel that the final version of that document is worthy of
> inclusion inside CVS, I won't mind :)

I will. even if you mispelled my name :)
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