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From "Williams, Murray Todd" <>
Subject RE: New Cocoon distribution
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2000 12:42:58 GMT
I'm still working on polishing the RPM install system for people running
Linux.  I've had some contributions from people who've already helped to
streamline it.  The RPM system is built right now for Apache + JServ +
Cocoon.  A 1.6.1 version should be out by this time next week.  (Just got
back from vacation and I'm trying to catch up.)

Once the RPM system seems polished enough (I'll have to track whatever
changes Stefano does for this modification) I'll offer the spec file (the
magic file that builds the RPM file) for Cocoon in case anyone wants to
include it.  Until then -- in other words, while I'm still considering these
RPMS alpha/beta quality -- all my work is available on

Murray Todd Williams

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> From: 	Stefano Mazzocchi[]
> Reply To:
> Sent: 	Wednesday, February 09, 2000 11:17 AM
> To: 	Cocoon Users; Cocoon
> Subject: 	New Cocoon distribution
> People,
> since I'm not blind and I'd love more and more people to use Cocoon, I
> decided to make installation, distribution and development simpler. I'm
> not done, but here is what I'd like to do at the end.
> 1) Cocoon will contain all the basic required packages. This means
> Xerces, Xalan, Fop and Ant.
> 2) The distribution will be done as a .zip file and .tar.gz file, the
> first created on win32, the second created on Unix (with all the right
> newlines in place)
> 3) The distribution is, as today, 3Mb long. Not so much, after all,
> given the fact that Xalan alone is 2.5Mb and I remove the need for you
> to download it!
> 4) All pieces are _not_ out of CVS things, but the last stable releases
> of the products. If you want and you're able to, you can of course,
> update them, or if you just don't care, use it out of the box.
> 5) I played around with the idea of having a java installer that does
> magic tricks and installs over Jserv or Tomcat or whatever. Too much
> work and too little time. Result: I'm not doing it, but I won't stop
> anyone from giving this a try.
> 6) The installation instruction will be updated.
> 7) The build system will allow you to compile Cocoon without having to
> download all the external packages. Read: Cocoon core will compile out
> of the box. If you need to recompile things like LDAP or DCP you'll need
> to download the required packages separately, but this won't stop you
> anymore from compiling the whole thing.
> Things that must be yet done:
> 1) write a TAR clone in Java for Ant (otherwise, we'll be system
> dependent on tar.gz creation)
> 2) add the target reaction on class existance to Ant
> 3) update the installation instructions
> Any help or comment will be appreciated.
> Thank you.
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