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From "Corda, Ugo" <>
Subject RE: Bypassing Cocoon formatting for certain browsers
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2000 20:50:58 GMT
It is not such a moot point anymore, now that Microsoft has released its
latest MSXML version (1/26/2000). 

Some parts of XSLT are not implemented yet in MSXML (as described in the
documentation), but it is certainly much closer to the latest draft than the
previous version. 

In fact, the xml document I am working on right now works just fine under
both Cocoon (server-side rendering to Html) and IE 5 (local direct rendering
to HTML via XSLT stylesheet). Again, it would be very nice if Cocoon could
select server-side or client-side processing based on the type of browser
requesting the xml document.


		-----Original Message-----
		From:	Donald Ball []
		Sent:	February 05, 2000 12:08 PM
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		Subject:	Re: Bypassing Cocoon formatting for certain

		On Sat, 5 Feb 2000, Corda, Ugo wrote:

		> I would like to prevent Cocoon from processing and
formatting an xml file
		> and associated xsl stylesheet in cases where the client
browser has already
		> the capability of doing that locally (e.g. IE 5.0, when
the stylesheet
		> generates HTML).  Is there a way to tell Cocoon not to do
anything in the
		> case the requesting browser is of a particular type?

		Not that I'm aware of right now (sitemap). However, it's a
moot point
		right now since the version of XSLT supported by IE 5.0 is
not the same
		version supported by the current batch of XSLT processors.
		implementation was loosely based on a very old working draft
that was
		embraced and extended and can't really be considered to be
XSLT per se.
		This functionality will come about in a later version of

		- donald

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