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From "Angel Faus" <>
Subject XML Persistance (caching)
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2000 19:04:38 GMT
Hi everybody. I am a Cocoon user very interested in the Cocoon project,
which if think is one of the Coolest Projects Ever Developed (seriously, i
am not joking). I read regulary the mailing list, but do not write too much,

While diving for XML resources, i found this piece of soft: "GMD-IPSI XQL
engine" ( ): a java implementation of XQL
wich also implements persistance of DOM objects. It looks pretty cool, and
it is supposed to be able to handle big documents. It uses the same
principle that many commercial products use (adding persistance to the
parsed DOM tree) but it does not use any OO Database, it just writes some
binary files and keeps a heap for speed.

So I thought that this product could be used as a replacement of the current
cache (which is a pure-memory one, as far as i know). I also think it could
be a good tool for Bugoon, giving us a pure XML replacement of a SQL
database (which is probably not the most natural way of storing a bugs
database) with the XQL engine. I know XQL is not a w3c standard, but is
probably the best query language we have until w3c comes with something (we
could have a XQL taglib for XSP)

The _big_ problem is that the soft is not open source. But the owner company
(GMD, is a german goverment agency (i guess) and it's a
member of the w3c, and they are giving the program for free (for
non-comercial uses). So maybe, if we are lucky, it could be possible that
they submit the code (or some part of it) to the project.

Anyway, before starting to talk with them, we should discuss it: Does cocoon
(or the project) need parsed XML persistance? I think so.
Would it be useful to have a XQL engine? I think so again. But maybe I am
missing something, so what's your opinion? Does it make sense?

Then, if the answer is yes, the next question is... Is it so complex that cannot develop it? Shall we try to get the "GMD-IPSI XQL
engine" code, or start a new project (under cocoon, under xerces, ¿?) to
develop it?

Anyway, even if we don't get a open source tool, i still think it would be
useful to have the ability to "glue" with comercial tools, i.e. to have a
ProducerFromACMECompanyXMLDatabase or a CacheUsingACMEXMLDatabase (long
names, :))

What do you gurus thinks about it?


Angel Faus - - http//

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