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From John Morrison <>
Subject SQLProcessor & SQL TagLib
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 09:43:47 GMT
Donald - you mention that the SQLProcessor won't be around much
longer and will be replaced by something called XSP SQL TagLib(?).  At
the moment I can see the following translation being something I do at
work with great frequency...

html form->XSP          (to fill in query variables)
XSP->SQLProcessor (to do the query)
SQLProcess->XSLT  (to allow me to add more XSP to format dates etc)
XSLT->XSP                (format dates etc)
XSP->XSL (html)        (for display.)

The question is, XSP dynamically generates a servlet/processor
whatever you want to call it, compiles it and the result is executed.  How
does the above (with 2 dynamically generated sections) stand - does the
second second get regenerated every time and will this XSP SQL TagLib
allow me to 'fold' the two XSP processing sections into one?

Shame about the SQLProcessor, thought it was an excellent idea but I
can see the above becoming more prevelant in my work.



>>> Donald Ball <> 21/January/2000 07:19pm

> (5) Should we use SQL Processor or XSP SQL TagLib?

That's easy, the latter; SQLProcessor won't be around soon.

- donald

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