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From "Eric SCHAEFFER" <>
Subject Re: Content-length
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 10:11:27 GMT
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From: Nicolás Lichtmaier <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2000 4:09 AM
Subject: Re: Content-length

> > dunno if that's possible. if there is a concept of blocking
> > and nonblocking nodes, then any methods on a node for
> > getting children or values or attributes may need to throw
> > some kind of acception until the node is unblocked. which
> > means an api change. furthermore you need to be able to
> > specify that a node blocks when you construct it.
>  If the node blocks for a while and then continues everything is OK, the
> contract is not broken. It's the normal consumer-producer relationship.
>  So the consumer accesses the DOM, without caring that the underlying data
> is still arriving via SAX events. When the node is blocking, this engine
> waiting for the SAX events that conform the node to arrive...
>  Note that this component would be completely generic: A DOM view over a
> stream. So it is not a Cocoon infrastructure decision: each component cand
> do as it likes...
>  An issue: Would be ok to modify the partial tree?


I'm not a 'guru' in whatever. But I'm creating a dynamic Web site (better :
application) for professionals based on Cocoon. I really love this
application (and OSS in general). I make all the choices, but assume them
also, and you must know that it isn't always easy to propose an OSS solution
when your boss only see commercial ones around him...

I can't use the cache system (or just a bit) because all my page are dynamic
and depends on the logged client and on the posted forms.
Several pages can take some time to be generated (database queries), and
because of the architecture (XML -DCP-> XML -XSLT-> HTML), I can't send the
begining of the page before it is totally generated.
If I could send the begining (and display a message like 'wait,
loading.../calculating...'), it would be a great feature for me...
Expiration time headers would be helpfull also.

So, if using SAX can help, please, use SAX.

Thank's a lot,



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75017 PARIS
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