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From brian moseley>
Subject Re: servlet or no? (was Re: [Moving on] SAX vs. DOM part II)
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 21:27:29 GMT
On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Donald Ball wrote:

> so just have an http/servlet server running locally,
> bound to, firewalled from everything else,
> that responds to requests from your command line tool?
> not only does it work out of the box right now, but you
> also get servlet reloading if you want it, you get nice
> logging, you get a little apache process to watch your
> buggy JVM and kick it as needed.

sure, im not saying i cant do it, but it definitely seems
like overkill. course there is the jvm startup overhead that
pier pointed out.

> again, i don't _know_ that it doesn't make sense to
> tunnel other service requests through HTTP, but i
> haven't seen an argument that convinces me otherwise
> neither.

having to administer yet another network process? when you
are in a small environment its not a big deal. in a large
environment things like this get lost.

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