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From brian moseley>
Subject Re: Content-length
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2000 22:22:52 GMT
On Sun, 23 Jan 2000, Nicolás Lichtmaier wrote:

>  Seems similar. What I've said it's maybe a little more
> simple I think...

sure. the asynchronous request mechanism is not directly
related to the dom processing mechanism. in the constructors
of individual smartnode classes we instantiate request
objects and place them in the request queue. there are no
other dependencies. but we came up with the buffering policy
mechanism for exactly the reasons that started this thread.

>  But anyway, it would be nice that it were part of some
> standard. A new version of DOM probably. And.. what's
> cp? =)

i dunno. i guess if nodes had a way to signal that they were
ready to be processed, than there could be blocking and non
blocking document traversals. but do those concepts really
belong in dom itself, or are they simple extensions?

cp is critical path, where i work. i forgot that i dont use
my cp address for this list.

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