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From Donald Ball <>
Subject RE: xBug -Reply
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2000 19:28:31 GMT
On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, Andy Lewis wrote:

> Hi all - I'm new to this list but have been following this thread a bit over
> the last few days. I have been using Cocoon 1.5 for several projects -
> including a completely new website for VERITAS that will be launching in the
> next couple of weeks and a product catalog and shopping cart for another
> site. All in all - Cocoon ROCKS!
> One of my projects at VERITAS (formerly Seagate Software, formerly Arcada)
> was to implement a defect tracking system for our R&D group using Java. I
> think it would prove an excellent "showcase" project. If the intent is to
> take the technology out for a spin, if you will, would it not be best to
> really show what it can do? By that I mean XSP to EJBs, with persistence to
> a JDBC source? It just seems to me that a showcase should demonstrate the
> power of the tool in the most powerful context....

Sounds like a very fun project.

> On another note - I have been having some significant issues with Cocoon
> 1.5. I'm hoping that 1.6 will help. I've got about 1000 pages on the site,
> and a rather complex XSL. I regularly get out of memory errors and/or Server
> Errors when more than a couple of people start hitting the server. The
> server is a COMPAQ ProLiant 1600, dual PII 400, 256M RAM, NT 4 SP 5, JRun
> 2.3.3 Build 155, Sun JDK 1.2.1. I've not seen any of these problems on the
> shopping cart site which runs RedHat 6.0, Apache 1.3.6, IBM 1.1.8 JDK, and
> JRUN 2.3.3 Build 155. I'm currently migrating the NT environment to a real
> platform (Solaris - company won't let me use Linux), but I thought I'd see
> if anyone had any suggestions....

It sounds like the cache system is getting overwhelmed. Check /Cocoon.xml
(if you have that magic URL enabled) on the server and see if the cache
and/or memory store have lots of repeated URLs in them - I've had similar
troubles with one of my local cocoon-1.5 installations (not running out of
memory, but cocoon seemingly caching things more than once, or caching
one-time querystring-based URLs). I used to pester Stefano about the cache
system from time to time but haven't had the time lately. Sounds like a
good problem for y'all to commit some resources towards fixing ;).

Oh, and you don't mention which XML parser and XSLT processor you're
using. That may be relevant.

- donald

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