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From Donald Ball <>
Subject RE:xsp code sample
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2000 20:37:39 GMT
On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Ricardo Rocha wrote:

> Donald Ball wrote:
> > how does the XSP Processor determine the order in which to process the
> > XSP-enabled namespace elements that occur inside an <xsp:page> element in
> > an XML document? E.g. if I want processing of the 'request' namespace to
> > occur before processing of the 'sql' namespace, how do I ensure that that
> > will occur?
> This is dictated by the order of appearance of the (library) namespace
> declarations inside the <xsp:page> root element. For example, in:
>     <xsp:page language="java"
>       xmlns:xsp=""
>       xmlns:request=""
>       xmlns:sql=""
>      >
> the "request" logicsheet will be applied _before_ "sql". Note, though,
> that the "xsp" namespace is treated specially: it comes last regardless
> of its position in the namespace list.
> > What if I want the same namespace to be processed twice, with
> > another namespace process pass between the two? Mind you, I can't think of
> > an instance where that would be desirable offhand, but I think
> > understanding the answer would help my comprehension of the flow control.
> Oh, my friend! This very question has been tormenting me for a while.
> Remember the old Unix days when you'd have to specify a C library
> more than once in your cc/ld command line, precisely because of the
> same problem? ("malloc.a" would typically need multiple inclusions)

Showing your age, you are.

> There are cases in which inter-library dependencies don't yield a
> _single_ topological ordering. Granted, such cases are not common,
> but they may occur and we have to account for them.

[ suggestions snipped ]

I have an even simpler suggestion - don't register the namespace prefixes
in, register the namespaces themselves. Then you can do
processing runs over documents that look like this:

 <xsp:page language="java"

But perhaps I misunderstand something?

Anyway, your suggestion for specifying XSP taglibs via PIs is possibly
good, but should be optional, IMHO. Much easier for the site admin to add
them once in

- donald

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