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Subject RE: Can't build latest Snapshot...
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2000 16:53:30 GMT
> Actually, It is xerces that won't build right now.  I
> have the latest snapshot.  Anyone else having trouble?

Yes. Apparently since Xalan was updated to work with
Xerces, Xerces was updated with changes to DOM events
that do not build, correctly.

So, last Saturday I had a working system built in Cocoon,
but since Monday, I have not.

Not (yet) being a contributor to this process (I feel
that it is still evolving too quickly for me to participate
meaningfully in design), I hestitate to comment, however...

The process of folding OpenXML into Xerces and Xerces
and Xalan into Cocoon and, most importantly, creating a
common development path tends to IMPLY that at any given
time, the branches of the tree ought to be interoperable.
At the very least, a build for any branch of the CVS tree
(minus files excluded by build.xml) should be a requirement
for checking in changes to the tree, and to the extent that
these branches are co-dependent (and to the extent that a
"current CVS build is required" for programs like Cocoon),
consistency within the tree is essential.

Perhaps what is needed are two CVS trees, one for the truly
bleeding edge versions of Xalan, Xerces, FOP, etc., and
another which guarantees consistency across these and
Cocoon (I'd be happy to volunteer a machine for this purpose).

Those of us prototyping applications, while not providing
much support in the way of code, are at least testing the
limits of it. I would be the last to complain when something
that I want to do is not yet implemented (after all, as has
been said more than once, everyone is free to contribute).
But when a system that worked no longer works, that is a
step backward.

I am sorry to be so long-winded. But last week I had a
prototype that was sufficiently functional that I was ready
to commit a development process to it. For a week, now,
I have been dead in the water.

It is just a little bit frustrating.


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