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Subject Re: Problem with document-stylebook.xsl
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2000 14:33:51 GMT

As defined in links.ent, the link idref attribute is of type NMTOKENS, not
IDREF, so idref must provide a URL to the target document, without the
"html".  The stylesheet  (document2html.xsl) adds ".html" when it uses a
link element to generate an html link. My point: the document IDs do not
come into play. Since the document IDs just happen to match the document
file names (without the .html), this may not have been noticed.

If anyone decides to change the <link> idref attribute type to IDREF,
please give the rest of us some warning, since this may break some existing
links, and cause the StyleBook transformation process to fail.

For a <jump>, on the other hand,  the stylesheet does not add "html".
<link> also contains an optional anchor attribute. <jump> does not.

Pier, how about changing StyleBook main() to exit with a return statement
instead of a System.exit(). Then I could call StyleBook in the middle of a
java process that is setting up top-level and package-level documents to be
used by javadoc.

-- Don

Pierpaolo Fumagalli <> on 01/20/2000 09:50:57 PM

Please respond to

cc:    (bcc: Donald Leslie/CAM/Lotus)

Subject:  Re: Problem with document-stylebook.xsl

Gerard van Enk wrote:
> > Pier, what's the difference between <link> and <jump> in the default
> > skin?
> >
> I thought it was something like this: use <link> for a link between
> documents generated by Stylebook and <jump> for a link to another
> website...but I could be wrong...

Bingo... <link idref="..."> links to a document whose ID is specified in
the file...


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