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From "Ricardo Rocha" <>
Subject RE: Jindent
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2000 10:01:54 GMT
On January 04, 2000 1:04 PM Donald Ball wrote:
> > How about using this one:
> > Its
> > license is same as Perl's. Unfortunately, it hasn't been
> > updated for some time (I think the developer concentrate
> > on the C++ version).
> +1, i went through every java code formatter in the book recently and this
> is the only one that didn't totally mangle my code in places.


Unfortunately, I'm unable to get the zip distribution file:
is inaccessible (hopefully a temporary problem?)

As soon as I'm able to get it, I'll add it to the Java processor.
Could anyone please e-mail it to me?

Btw, I wrote to the authors of Jindent asking about the
possibility of open-sourcing it. They say parts of the code
belong to Siemens, so we shouldn't reallistically expect this,

In the meantime, I opted for changing the default "format-code"
option to "false" and also commented out the code actually invoking
the formatter.

This ain't as bad as it sounds: even without beautifying, generated
Java code is quite readable...


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