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From "Ricardo Rocha" <>
Subject RE: Advice on configuration
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2000 07:06:44 GMT
Stefano Mazzochi wrote:
> > Now, the need for resource:// comes up when we deal with XSP library
> > logicsheets. If you look at the configurations you find:
> > [# Set the libraries associated with the given namespace skipped...]
> > which work right out of the box, but allow you to change them if you
> > need to.
> > My problem is: how do we make these properties work out of the box
> > (read: you don't need to touch them), but also they are located inside
> > the cocoon.jar file (so you don't mess with them)?
> > I'm stuck and I don't know what to do. Any help is appreciated.

Donald Ball wrote:
> I'm afraid I really don't understand what the problem is. I will say,
> though, that I dislike you choosing which namespace prefix the
> namespace is going to be mapped to
> ahead of time. Why don't you key using the full namespace instead of the
> preferred prefix? That's half the point of namespaces, ennit?

Yes, Donald, I've come to feel the namespace-based library reference
mechanism sucks big time.

The solution I proposed (and Stefano agreed upon) is to decouple
libraries from namespaces altogether by introducing a new <xsp:library>
directive . This hasn't been released yet but it will be anytime soon (tm).

Among other advantages, this would allow for library loading (and reloading
without restarting the servlet engine) as well as for using different
namespaces in the same library or not associating a namespace at all.

Now, when it comes to making these built-in libraries work out of the box
I've considered the following strategy:

Since (in addition to resource://) we also have a cocoon:// protocol
handler that points to the Cocoon root _in the filesystem_, we could use
cocoon://resources/library to place XSP libraries so that (at startup)
the XSPProcessor collects all stylesheets located under this directory
and pre-loads them as built-ins.

Given that libraries would be located in the filesystem (instead of the
Cocoon jar) users would have an easier time changing them if they need
to while still allowing for init-time pre-loading and request-time

What do you guys think?

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