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From "Ricardo Rocha" <>
Subject RE: DCP classpath (at runtime?)
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2000 22:06:03 GMT
> setting up the DCP processor I can't get it to find
> a class of mine, residing in the same classpath as my
> JSP-beans used by my GNUJSP (also JServ based).
> my question is: how do i set the classpath for the
> DCP processor.

This is provided by Jserv's own classpath, no separate
DCP setting is needed.

> in the file i have to set the
> classpath in the javac commandline; is there a similar
> demand from the DCP set up?

No. DCP relies on the servlet engine classloader.

> FYI: i'm setting the classpath in, repository in
> (of the zone of Cocoon) as well as in the system
> classpath environment variable (NT).
> is this a well known bug? can someone tell me how you have set it up?

According to the information you give, you shouldn't
have a problem with your DCP class _as such_

However, if your DCP class internally uses another
class which is not accessible from the current classpath,
you may get a ClassNotFoundException that is not related
to your DCP class as such, but rather to the indirect class
dependency. Have you checked this?

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