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From "Ricardo Rocha" <>
Subject RE: Jindent
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2000 18:12:33 GMT
> I would argue that it should not be used at all. Jindent is not 
> available under an Open Source licensing agreement. Furthermore,
> the notice on their web site says that they are free to revoke the
> license at any time. Seems to me that including it as a required file
> for Cocoon unnecessarily restricts Cocoon redistribution as a
> consequence.
> Sean

> I agree with you in concept, and hopefully Ricardo will do just that;
> however, until Cocoon can be built without the Jindent stuff, I think it
> should be noted that it is needed and where to get it. Otherwise, people
> can't build Cocoon, and many won't be as determined as I to get it
> working, so they'll just not use it :-(
> So until it's removed, I think we should add the instructions.  But
> yes, the license sucks, so what say you, Ricardo and Stefano?
> -Brett

Oops, I missed this one, sorry!

Cocoon code is not truly dependent on Jindent, fortunately. I
have already removed it, so you may cvs update.

XSP language processors implement a formatCode method.
This is entirely optional and has no true impact on the generated
code, other than simplifying debugging the XSP code generator
itself, :-)

> We should ask them to modify their licensing :) In the home page they
> underline the fact that JIndent is "freeware". If someone makes them
> understand the power and beauty of open-source, maybe we could get it
> even with a BSDish license :)
> Anyone volunteers to write them a very very long E-Mail?
> 	Pier

This is a good idea, Pier! I'll contact the author and see how things can
work out.


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