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From "Ricardo Rocha" <>
Subject RE: requires JDK 1.2
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2000 20:41:56 GMT
On Jan-23-2000 Ricardo Rocha wrote:
> > Since this class was last modified on Jan-15 and Cocoon 1.6 was released
> > on Jan-18, I can only assume your Cocoon version is out date. You may
> > download the most recent Cocoon jar or check it out of the CVS.

On Jan-23-2000 Mike Engelhart wrote:
> This came up before but what I'm saying is that the Cocoon-1.6.jar that is
> at: "does" have this dependency in the code
> Maybe something is wrong with CVS? I'm not sure but try
> downloading the jar file yourself and see what's in the source.

Holly Shit! I get your point now, Mike.

Please accept my apologies for my previous replies to you ("Go update
your version!"). I thought you were using an old version drawn from the

I followed your advice and downloaded Cocoon' distribution: the jar file
itself is at fault! I can't figure out exactly what other important changes
may have been missed during this packaging. I'll have to compare this with
the current CVS.

> For now I'll change the code myself and recompile.

I'd advise you to check the whole thing out from the CVS: that way
you're insured against more lost changes in addition to the classLoader...



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