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From "Ricardo Rocha" <>
Subject RE: form->db (was RE: xBug -Reply)
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2000 18:24:49 GMT
On Jan-20-2000 John Morrison wrote:

> Ricardo, you obviously know how to get data from a html form into a db. 
> Would it be possible to knock up a html form + xml example as I would
> _VERY_ much appreciate any pointers

Hmmm... yes, we need to concoct a selling example that illustrates
the arcana of database access with XSP.

To start with, XSP could be used to directly execute Jdbc logic,
though this is _not_ the canonical approach. 

For an example of a database-driven XSP application, see

This example (a multilingual term translator that uses Esperanto
as an intermediate language) illustrates XSP database access by
means of beans that encapsulate Jdbc access. All XSP logic is
related to a Translator bean that, internally, uses Jdbc to
retrieve terms and their translations.

It does not, however, illustrate how to _put_ data into the
database. This should be no problem, though, as the same
bean-encapsulating-jdbc discipline can be used to do
insertions, deletions and updates agains the underlying
database tables...

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