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From "Gerard van Enk" <>
Subject RE: cl sitemap (was Problem StyleBook and Linux solved?????)
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2000 21:55:47 GMT
> More easiliy the "Offline" generator of cocoon will provide "fake"
> servletrequests, and from that it will generate a bunch of targets.
> Monitoring and integrated with URL rewriting embedded in cocoon, it will
> be able to catch exceptions thrown by those
> producers/filters/serializers that will not be able to create off line
> data, rewriting the links to those URI as absolute URLs to a website...
> Kinda tricky in words, but on my whiteboard it works... I'd better come
> up with something working soon...

OK, this is clear, but I'm still not getting it completely. How can I define
(in the same sitemap) which parts of the site must be offline generated and
which part must be dynamic dynamically rendered? Or is this a really stupid


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