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From Andy Lewis <>
Subject RE: Cache
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2000 15:56:32 GMT
I'm still fuzzy on the details of the site map proposal (probably a dumb
question, but where do I find whatever has been written about it), but it
strikes me that the site map will be fundamental to the caching issues
running around. It sounds almost like what is needed is more of a dependency
aware resource manager than just a cache. I'm thinking along the lines of an
interface used to retrieve files ,etc. It would need to know about all
documents loaded, ideally, have a link into the entity resolver to pick up
external dependencies, and would need to be used by all producers/processors
to obtain load resources. This would allow any or every step of the
processing chain to be cached, with dependencies known in most cases. It
would also provide a mechanism for propagating the info needed to output the
headers needed for external caches.

Obviously something of that nature would have a lot more impact on the code.

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		From:	Pierpaolo Fumagalli []
		Sent:	Tuesday, January 25, 2000 3:39 AM
		Subject:	Re: Cache

		Mike Engelhart wrote:
		> Donald Ball wrote:
		> > Well, we've already had the 'how do i set foreign
language preference'
		> > fight here already once. It never was resolved to my
satisfaction; the
		> > consensus seemed to be building towards 'make a special
section in the
		> > sitemap that let you choose whether you look in the
browser's HTTP header
		> > for accept-langauges headers or whatever, or look for a
special named
		> > cookie, or a special named request variable, or
something else. That
		> > sounded workable to me, if you could come up with a
clever syntax for it,
		> > but no one ever really tried since we were really hazy
on the whole
		> > sitemap idea back then. perhaps we need to delegate
responsibility? :)
		> >
		> > Anyway, assuming that you decided to look in the
accept-langauges header,
		> > you'd just add that data to the key generation routine
for the URI's which
		> > allowed run-time language negotiation.
		> >
		> Thanks - I missed that fight :-)
		> I'll have to look more into the sitemap and see if
anything jumps out at me.
		> At least it can be done.

		The sitemap proposal includes a "matcher" definition. We can
write a
		matcher that checks for accept-language and might look like:

		   <process uri="/localized/*.html"
		     <matcher class="LanguageMatcher">
		        <property language="de"/>
		   <process uri="/localized/*.html"
		     <matcher class="LanguageMatcher">
		        <property language="fr"/>
		   <process uri="/localized/*.html"

		In that order the Cocoon will check first if the client
accepts german,
		it will send the german version, if it accepts french, it
will send
		french, and in all other cases it'll send english...

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