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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: bugoon
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2000 10:13:20 GMT
On 26/1/00 at 6:14 pm, (Stefano Mazzocchi) wrote:

>Ouch. Pretty new to database technology aren't you? If you don't know
>what an E-R model is, I suggest you to read a good book on information
>systems and DBMS. I have a nice italian one, but I don't know any good
>english book (or web tutorial) for that. Anyone? Ricardo?

Ha! I have used databases for about 15 years without coming across them ;-)
Or maybe I know what it all means but just not the terminology ...

>I think I have the knowledge, but time... no, I don't. But I downloaded
>all possible OSS web-based bug-tracking tools (bugzilla, gnats,
>jitterbug, sourceForge) and I'll try to come up with a general ER model
>that covers all needs.
>But I can't tell you when... :(

Thanks, Stefano, but I am going to learn this stuff, OK?
Yes, I'd like some help now and then but ... please don't worry about spending
your time on basic stuff like this.

I'll put something together over the next couple of days, then you can see how
much help I'll need ;-)

regards Jeremy


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