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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: XML inclusion ( xlink compatible xsp processor around ?)
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2000 19:36:20 GMT
On 26/1/00 at 11:33 am, (Philippe Lavoie) wrote:

>Can Xerces do XML inclusion ? 
>I'm pretty sure the answer is no. But one loves to keep hope alive :)
>Anyway, I want to have a dictionnary.xml page that defines all the terms I
>use and include the definition as I need them inside other XML document
>Other times I want to include the 'abstract' from another xml file to tell
>the user a bit more about what awaits her if she follows the magical link.

I have been doing this kind of stuff successfully, but with Saxon I am afraid,
not Cocoon (or any of the processors it is compatible with.)

I have been using the document() function to lookup from and scan related files
during (static) renders. One page takes 7 minutes to render as it looks in each
file (38) for references to each person (97) (terrible design ;-) all from XSL!
I think it's amazing! The rest of the files (using forward lookups) take 
1 -> 6 seconds each .... on a relatively fast machine ....

I can't see a way around wanting to look up info from parent|sibling|child files
during the rendering process (on the type of projects I work on). I definately
can't bear the idea of storing multiple copies of any content (like page titles,
link clues, link glossaries, thread overlays and the like).

Please, someone reassure me that it will be practical to do this 'live' one day

regards Jeremy


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