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From Jerm <>
Subject re: xBug, point (4)
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2000 12:37:34 GMT
Dear All,

Again replying to my own message ......

> (4) Should this be an SQL or XML-file based project?

I found Donald's message <20/1/00 at 10:46 pm> most ironic ;-)

My original proposal to Stefano was for a system that stored bugs in XML files,
and searched them using XSL (or regex), because that solution is closer to my

It was Stefano who suggested SQL ;-) 

The issue was mainly search speed, but if as Donald suggests, we will be dealing
with hundreds of records, not thousands (or more) this is much less of an issue. 

Donald's point about the difficulty of changing the structure of an existing SQL
database, I find extremely relevant. But that is proably due to the total lack
of formality in the way I work! If we design an "ideal" system, these issues
should be worked out before any data-structures are defined.

If we want a system/example that other people can take and re-mould to their own
publishing needs (a definate aim of mine) it would make sense to me to make
something that fits the abstract formality of Cocoon, but allows the flexibility
that real-world systems tend to need (the night before release ;-)

The other side of the coin ....
The systems I build, tend to require relationships to be set up between sets of
data. For instance, child:sibling:parent relationships.

While building these relationships with multiple XML files and XSL is indeed
possible (I am doing it at the moment) it is not quick! The techniques I use are
only suitable for Static Rendered material. 
A relational database is ideal for this.

Maybe is is possible to design a system that is "storage neutral"?
A generalised set of HTML Form data handling techniques would be a good start.
Something like the perl script Donald found maybe? 

regards Jeremy


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                                                       webSpace Design
                                            HyperMedia Research Centre

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